This is a project page and project is drive from Riga (Latvia) to Prague (Czechia) and then take part in Mongol Rally to Mongolia.



There are two guys. Me (Emilis) and Rendijs. I am Lithuanian and Rendijs is from Latvia. We have known each other for a while (about this later) and we have decided to drive to Mongolia this year (which is the year 2019 since Jesús of Nazareth tried to save us all).

This drive will be long and hard. We are going through Iran and absolutely all of the *-stans and doing it in the middle of the summer and in the least fancy (but most hipster) car we could find. We will sit on our butts for 15.000 kilometers and 2.5 months and since the pain will be so great it calls commemoration on the public internet. Which is how you found yourself here.

So now a little bit about ourselves.


This is our team name and also our car name. Yes, well it’s complicated. We had another team name in mind, but due to geopolitical tensions decided to change it and cannot mention here. Stay tuned!
TODO: add the real team name once we are back

So why Ivanka and what is this Tanka?

Ivanka is a Wife, mother, sister, daughter. Advisor to POTUS It is also a female version of popular Russian name Ivan (Иван, I see what Trump did there).
Rendijs and I agreed that our car is a female rather than a male (do not ask me how this works). And since it is Russian made (like most of the Ivans) and built like a tank (hence then Tank-a) we went with all catchy Ivanka-the-Tanka. Best team name ever right?

Mr. Rendijs

There are gentlemen who are scholars and there are metalheads who are petrolheads.
Well Rendijs is probably a little bit of aforementioned and a whole lot of trouble.
He codes for a living, some space age stuff (from what I hear), but this is not his LinkedIn profile so for all you care he might as well be a tea farmer.

Mr. Emilis

I am a gentle flower in this cruel world. Warmestest person you have ever met.
Seriously! Cycle to work scheme, does not use a lift and drinks kombucha kinda kinda guy. Lives in Shoreditch and recycles. How did I not get a letter for the Queen’s honours yet, it is beyond my comprehension.
I also write a little bit of code for a living, but mostly I just blossom.

The Duo

You can book us for 600 pounds an hour and we will take you over the Moon with nonsense we get into.

We met at Uni and since day one were on a quest for an adventure. Stay a while and listen!

Once in Uni, we went to this park, very far away, and then wanted to swim in a drinking water reservoir as it was very hot, but then we chickened out as there was a patrol boat and Rendijs is a total wuss. So we only dipped our toes in a creek. I think Rendijs was on a bike and I was running as I did not have a bike. Totally normal weekend. Or this other time we trespassed a golf course at night and we think we heard guard dogs and ran for our lives. I am telling you man, it was crazy! But to be honest we have done only one truly awesome adventure. Some 10 years ago me and Rendijs went on a roadtrip together (with my now wife) and this other awesome lady to Morocco. It was crazy, the situations we got into were unbelievable and they keep getting better every time we retell them.

This is me with Gaddafi and the rest of the crew in Morocco Sachara

All in all we want to do this again. So we are taking some time of off work and hitting the road.

Fun fact. We wanted to do this some 7 years ago when we both worked for Microsoft, but then I could not take time off work.
And last October this other guy (known as Faustas in certain circles) said we should drive to Mongolia. It kinda got everything started. Next thing we know, Rendijs already bought the car. Faustas however fell through, cannot take time off work just now.
No hard feelings there buddy. He is 2m tall and Lada is like 1.8m long or something.

The Charity

Finally last but not least. As part of all this we are also running a charity campaign.
Please take a look here, we might even tempt you to save 🌍